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Did you know that smell is one of the strongest senses connected with your memories?

The scent from your first kiss, your childhood home, summer bonfires with your closest friends...
So many of your fondest memories have a scent associated with them to take you back in time

So what about the things you love that don't have a scent?

The Merry Wick was created with the desire to experiencing the things we love in a new way. What if your favorite songs, movies, shows, locations, and characters could have a scent?

We hope to answer that question with carefully curated eco friendly candle scents that bring your favorite things to life!


Whether it be bringing life to your favorite nostalgic scents or giving a new sensual experience to the treasured stories you hold dear, there is a scent for that!



Hey there, my name is Sam and all of the candles at The Merry Wick are made by yours truly!


I believe candles have the ability to really flip your mood right around if you are having a bad day.

I have always been obsessed with the idea of incorporating the things I love into my every day life in new and exciting ways. One day it occurred to me that I could bring my favorite shows, movies, and characters to life with an inspired scent and here we are! 

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