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Because most of our scent collections are inspired by things that don't necessarily have a scent on their own, we look for minute details within the subject that could be translated into a scent and put the essence of that thing into a candle scent!

Long Story Short...

1) Choose a topic that we are passionate about

2) Research that topic to find elements that can be transformed into an actual scent and curate a collection 


3) Bring that subject to life in candle form!

The design process is one of the most exciting parts of the candle making experience!

About Our Leather
Essential Oils

Scent Testing

Once a collection has been curated, we move onto to the very hearty testing stage! 

We smell things everyday, so we can generally assume which scents we think will go well together to create the perfect candle, but naturally, nothing is ever that easy.

Once the scents arrive, they must be tested together to make sure that they blend well together in real life which can be a bit of a process as sometimes you have to try many different percentages of different blends to get it just right

Candle Testing

When we choose the right blend and ratio of scents, its time to put it in a candle!

Once the wax and fragrance have been properly combined, there is actually even more testing work that must be done.

Not only must the wax solidify overnight, but in order to get the best scent strength possible, the candles must cure for 2 weeks before burning.

When those 2 weeks are finally over, the candles must be tested even further to calculate things like what size room the scent can disperse through with full strength, as well as how much burn time there is within the candle.

All of these steps are crucial to creating the perfect candle with love and care!

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